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BeautyCon TX 2015

BeautyCon TX was held in Dallas this past Saturday for the first time, It is usually held in LA or NY. BeautyCon is a beauty convention open to the general public, so any one who loves makeup and beauty products could attend. There were also plenty of YouTube vloggers doing meet and greats, and speaking in panels.

Doors opened at 9:30am for pro ticket holders, and 10:30 for general admission,  so I arrived at 9 o’clock. I wanted to make sure I would get some time at the vendor booths before it got too crazy! So.. I have to admit. As soon as I walked into the venue, I could tell that it was not what I imagined. Either the venue was too big, or there just weren’t enough vendors.The only two big name makeup vendors where NYX Cosmetics, and Tarte, which were the ones with the biggest spots in the center of the giant room. But even they did not have that big of a set up. The rest of the smaller booths were just off to the side, with plenty of room in between them. 

My first stop was the NYX booth. I waited for about 15-20 min in line and finally made my way up to where all the product was. I ended up getting was a lip balm, mascara, eyeliner, and their contour palette. Then I stopped by the QVC booth for a free gift box, and then headed to Tarte (30 min wait) where I picked up 2 shadow palettes, and a blush. After this came the longest line of the day! The line to pick up the goodie bags… You would think they would have given it to us as soon as we walked in, but instead the made everyone stand in a line over an hour long to pick it up. 

By the time I was done doing all that, I just walked around for a bit and was out of there by 12:30. BeautyCon was definitely geared more towards a younger crowd, which maybe that’s why there weren’t so many vendors, and focused more on the meet and greets instead of anything makeup or beauty related. 

Here are some shots from the day, and a look at what was in the goodie bag and what I picked up from the vendors. 










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