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BH Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches

BH Cosmetics Lipsticks  

When I posted about the BH Cosmetics Brushes I got, I also mentioned that I had also received a few other items. Some of those other items included some blushes and bronzers, and these three lipsticks.

Here is some info on the lipsticks:

  • – Retail for $7.95 (currently on sale for $3.95)
  • – BH Cosmetics creme luxe lipsticks come in 14 colors
  • –  Enriched with shea butter, beeswax, and vitamin E

 The three colors I got are:

  • Forever Nude– A nude shade with very tiny specs of gold to give it a shimmery, satin finish. This one was my least favorite. I felt it matched to closely to my skin color and I didn’t like the gold shimmer on my lips.
  • Tea Time– A rosy pink shade which also has satin finish.
  • Charmed– A mauve shade with a creamy finish. This one was my favorite shade and I have been wearing this one often.

What I liked about the Lipsticks:

  • – They are very creamy and hydrating. My lips don’t feel dry when I have the lipstick on.
  • – Long lasting. The color lasted through a dinner without becoming patchy or completely coming off. When the color does start to wear off, it leaves a smooth stained look on your lip so your lip color still looks nice.
  • – Heavily pigmented so one swipe gives your true color.
  • – Does not feather around the lip line.
  • – No odor.
  • – Great price!

BH Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches:

BH Cosmetics Lipsticks , bh cosmetics lipstick swatches BH Cosmetics Lipstick Swatches  BH Cosmetics Lipstick Swatched Forever Nud Tea Time Charmed BH Cosmetics Lipstick Swatched Forever Nud Tea Time Charmed



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