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IT Cosmetics CC Cream, Powder, and Mascara

IT Cosmetics  - Powder, CC Cream, Mascara

I’ve been a faithful MAC Studio Fix Powder user for years, I’m talking at least 15 years here… I’ve also been using Smashbox BB Cream going on 2 years now and if you read hear often then you know I’ve been a pretty big fan of it. Lately though, I was feeling like I needed to change things up. I started noticing that my makeup was separating and  getting patchy after a while, and I also wasn’t getting the coverage I needed on certain red areas.  This is where It Cosmetics comes in! I had heard that it was great for covering redness so I stopped by Ulta to check it out.  Now, I actually went in looking for the Celebration Foundation Powder and the Bye Bye Redness Correction Cream, but  ended up walking out with the powder and the Your Skin but Better CC Cream. I use the CC Cream as my base and foundation and apply it with a flat buffing brush, then I set it by applying the foundation powder with a brush.

Ok, so let me just tell you that I am loving my skin while using these two products together! Not only does it do what I want to do, but I no longer get these little bumps that I was getting on my face after putting on my makeup. I had thought maybe it was my brushes, so I made sure to clean them often, but apparently it was one of the two products I had been using before. That’s not the only thing I’m loving about using these new products though, here is a run down on why they have quickly become my favorites.

  • It covers and corrects: Both the CC Cream and the Foundation Powder are great at covering up redness, and giving me an even tone. I only get redness around my nose and chin, but IT Cosmetics was created by Jamie Kern who suffers from rosacia, so covering up redness was on top of her list when it came to creating her line of products.
  • It’s lightweight: Despite giving great coverage, the CC Cream does not feel heavy at all! It goes on light and creamy on my skin without looking like I have on heavy makeup.
  • It minimizes my pores: This goes back to the great coverage I get from the cc cream. My pores around my nose have become smaller and less visible while wearing the CC Cream.
  • Multipurpose:  Besides giving me my basic foundation needs, it also comes with an SPF 50+ so I don’t have to worry about applying a separate sun screen. Not only that, but it also works as an anti aging serum as you wear it through out the day.
  • Long lasting: Last all day long without needing to reapply either the cream or the powder. I use it with Kat von D Lock ‘n Load Setting Sprayso that could be why it last extra long.
  • Blends well: Both the cc cream and the powder are super easy to apply. I apply each with a brush, but the celebration foundation powder does come with its own small sponge.

IT Cosmetics CC Cream It Cosmetics Mascara

Now, onto the mascara. I was so happy with my first two IT Cosmetics products, that a week later when I went in looking to buy my usual mascara, I ended up walking out with their Hello Lashes 5 in 1 Mascara. I figured, I was so impressed with their foundation and powder that the mascara had to be good! This mascara claims to do a number of things besides just add length and volume to your lashes. It also contains a lash enhancing serum,  a hydrating and conditioning lash primer, and tints your lashes.

I’m kind of having mixed feelings about this mascara… It definitely gives length, but i’m not too sure that it makes my lashes look very voluminous. I feel as though my lashes look thin instead of thick and separated. I do however feel the hydration in the formula because I don’t get the flakiness that I did with my previous mascara. Also, my lashes don’t fall out when I’m removing my makeup or messing with my eyes.  I was close to returning it after my first try, but decided to keep it and try it out a little longer to see how my lashes felt after a few uses with its hydrating and conditioning ingredients. Below is a shot of my lashes without any mascara, and one wearing the Hello Lashes 5 in 1 Mascara. What do you think?

Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know if you have and what you thought about them, or if there are any others you recommend!




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