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Drawstring Bucket Bag

Drawstring Bucket Bag I got this Saint Laurent drawstring bucket bag a few weeks ago… I had been eyeing a couple different Saint Laurent mini’s, like the ‘Baby Sac‘, and the ‘Duffle 3‘, but as soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one I needed to get. First of all, I loved the tiny little studs that are placed all around the bag. It comes in the plain leather, but I thought the studs added a nice touch  and it didn’t look as plain. For being a mini bag, it’s actually pretty roomy. I have the mini cros sbody Y bag and i can barely get my phone to fit in there. That one is more of an evening bag where you just need your ID, and a lipstick, while the drawstring bucket bag is big enough to fit your phone, compact, lipstick, card holder, and a few other things.  


The drawstring bucket bag seems to have made a little comeback, as I have been seeing more and more of this bag style around. Here are some other options available in both high, and low, price ranges. 



Saint Laurent Drawstring Bucket BagSaint Laurent Drawstring Bucket Bag 


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