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In the Details: At Home

This weeks ” In the Details” post is a little different.. Earlier this month when I was visiting my sister, I was sitting around her place and thought there were so many cute details, like this pink balloon dog, that I just had to snap a couple shots around her home! They are just too cute not to share, so here they are and I hope you enjoy this “special edition” of In the Details!

decorating with fashion books

decorating with fashion books and pink balloon dog

tiffany blue coffee mug with white bow

kate spade pearl necklace with black bow

kate spade pearl necklace with black bow


pink roses

red pattent louis vuitton alma bag

Pattent leather louis vuitton alma bag

Books: Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits , Kate Spade Things We Love,

Fashion: Kyoto Costume Institute,  Bergdorf Blondes, The Devil Wears Prada, Trading Up

Balloon Dog   |  Tiffany Bows Mug  | Louis Vuitton Alma


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