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Best Tres Leches Cake

The Best Tres Leches CakeThis is the best tres leches cake I have ever had! It is not my recipe though… it comes from the Houston based restaurant named Churascos, and I got their recipe when they released a cookbook featuring some of their best dishes. I say it’s the best is because I used to try tres leches cakes at other restaurants and I would just be disappointed when it didn’t even come close to this one. This one is deliciously moist, like a tres leches should be. 

Since I got the cookbook, I thought I would try and make it myself and share it with you guys. It is not very difficult to make, you just need to allow yourself enough time for all the steps. If you decide to make this tres leches cake, let me know what you think! Is it the best tres leches cake ever??The best tres leches cakeThe best tres leches cake

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