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Thanksgiving 2017

This past Thanksgiving was the 3rd one that we hosted. We had moved into our house just a week before Thanksgiving but since it was just my mom and sister coming for dinner, I didn’t have a problem.

Once again, we made a fried turkey for Thanksgiving Day. This time however, we went with a homemade marinade instead of a pre-made one from a jar. The marinade we made was a ‘Honey and Beer Marinade‘ recipe I found online. I would have preferred to use a more natural cajun seasoning blend, instead of the Tony Sacharies, but it worked fine this time around.

For the stuffing, I used a clean eating stuffing recipe and it was delicious. I made it last year for the first time. It was a hit so of course I had to make it again! Other than that, we had the typical sides. Mashed potatoes, corn, bread rolls, and of course, cranberry sauce.

Have you ever tried or made a fried turkey before? We used to fry the turkey outside in a deep frying pot with a propane tank, but the indoor fryers are so much easier!

I went ahead and did a short vlog which you can watch below! You’ll get a look at how we spent our night and our casual Thanksgiving Day atmosphere. I also shared my table setting on my instagram, so be sure to check that out.


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