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Monday Night lineup

The time is finally here, TV season premiers are about to begin! Your favorites are back, but many new shows will also be premiering.

On CBS we have two new episode of How I Met Your Mother, followed by the highly anticipated Two and a Half Men premier with Ashton Kutcher taking over Charlie Sheen. Then there is a new show called 2 Broke Girls, about two girls, one that used to be rich and now broke, trying to live and work together.


ABC’s big premier is Dancing with the Stars, they have been making quite the media rounds due to contestant Chaz Bono.

NBC has got The Sing Off, where contestants use only vocals to wow the judges, and The Playboy Club.


So what will I be watching?  I will most likely have it on CBS for How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. To be honest, I have really only seen about 5 episodes of Two and Half Men before, but I am curious to see, as I am sure many will be, what will happen to Charlie and how Ashton’s character will come in.

What will I not be watching? Playboy Club, I pretty much had enough of anything Playboy after E!.  I will be over at Bravo with the ladies from Beverly Hills Housewives at that time anyway.

So tell us, what will you be watching and what premier you are looking forward to the most.


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  1. September 19, 2011 / 4:39 PM

    I think The New Girl is going to be in my rotation!

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