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Beauty Room Organization

As much as I try to keep this room organized there’s no denying it can get pretty crazy in there. Especially after filming a couple videos back to back!

I happened to receive a new acrylic organizer from JOffielle, so it was the perfect time to set it up and get everything organized. I was already running out of room in the drawers for eye palettes and lipsticks and all my extras fit perfectly into it. It also spins, which i think is nice so that everything is easily accessible on it. Also really like that I can display the makeup versus keeping it hidden in a drawer. When it’s in a drawer it’s easy to forget about what you have! So I like to have things out so that I remember to use them.

If you have any other questions on my makeup/filming room just let me know! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss any videos. Watch my beauty room organization video below to see how I organized everything.



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