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Apple Cider Vinegar Beauty Routine

By now, you may have heard about some of the uses and benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. One of the most popular ways people use ACV is by drinking it. I actually drink 2-3 tablespoons everyday. I just mix it with 16 oz of water and the juice of one lemon. However, apple cider vinegar doesn’t just have internal benefits. It also has great benefits when using it directly onto your skin and hair.

In today’s video, I share with you three ways that I use apple cider vinegar in my beauty routine. But I also thought I would share some other ways you can use it on your skin.

Some of the Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar on Your Skin:

  • Soothes skin: ACV helps soothe the skin by restoring the PH levels. Add about a cup of ACV to your bath for skin soothing benefits. This works great for sunburns as well! Combine 1/2 a cup of apple cider vinegar into 4 cups of water and gently apply it onto the skin using a soft washcloth. This will not only soothe the skin from a painful sunburn, but it will also reduce blistering in those big burns.
  • Bug bite relief: Using a cotton ball, apply apple cider vinegar to itchy bug bites. The vinegar will not only prevent inflammation of the affected area but the acid will also help relieve the itch.
  • Razor bumps: The anti-inflammatory properties in apple cider vinegar will help reduce redness and smooth out bumps. The acetic acid will also help soften the skin to reduce ingrown hairs.
  • Makes your nail polish last longer: Before applying your nail polish, rub some apple cider vinegar on your nails with a cotton ball and if will help your polish last longer and chip less.

Some of the ways I use Apple Cider Vineger in my beauty routine are:
1. Using it as a toner on my face.
2. Mixing it with a bentonite clay mask.
3. On my hair to remove any build up.

In the video below, I talk more about how I use it and why.


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