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Kat Von D Lightning Liner : Review

Remember a few weeks ago when I purchased the Kat Von D Lightning Liner during the Sephora summer surge? Well here it is! Like I mentioned before, her Tattoo Liner is my favorite, go-to, liner so I was expecting this new liner to be exactly the same but in a metallic color. Well, I was wrong! For starters, although it is a brush tip like the tattoo liner, the lightning liner is click activated – that means that you have to twist the cap at the top of the pen to release the formula. The formula is also a little different of course since the lightning liner has a metallic shine to it.


  • Love the color! It is metallic (big trend for fall!), and purple/violet, but subtle enough that anyone can wear it.
  • The brush tip makes it easy to get a smooth line, and nice winged tip. Which is what I loved originally from her tattoo liner.
  • Just a couple clicks is enough for each eye.


  • The click activation can be a little tricky. You need to get the hang of just how many clicks you need without getting too much product out.
  • Formula thins out when you do full brush strokes.
  • Can become a little flakey


  • Instead of swiping the product onto your lid, I found that stamping it, or dotting it, over the lid made for the best application. When I did a full stroke it left my line uneven in color.

So overall, I am happy with this liner – The formula just takes a little getting used to as it is when using a new liner. I’m also still hopeful she will release her tattoo liners in other matte colors as well! So tell me, will you be trying out metallic colors on your eyes this fall?

The Kat Von D Lightning Liner retails for $20 at Sephora, and at katvondbeauty.com, and comes in 4 shades.

Kat Von D Lightning Liner  kat von d lightning liner in poe kat von d lightning liner


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