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Splurge and Steal – Makeup Brush Cleansing Glove

Brush-CleanerThere are different options out there on how to clean your makeup brushes- one of them being using a silicone hand glove to get the deepest and quickest cleanse.  Sigma, a brand that makes awesome make up brushes, recently released a second addition of their cleansing glove. The glove has different groves and ridges all over the glove for the different cleaning stages, but at $35 for the original and $39 for their latest glove it’s not necessarily ideal for women who have that many makeup brushes.

You should always keep your brushes nice and clean since they do touch your face! You can get something similar for a lot less at your local pet store. It won’t contain all the different cleansing areas that the Sigma glove does, but it will give your brushed a little bit of a better cleaning than just using your palm.


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