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Lightweight Summer Makeup

I’m finally back with a new tutorial video sharing my lightweight summer makeup look. I’ve been trying a different foundation out recently and surprisingly like it! It’s not really even a foundation, it’s a BB Cream. But, with these hot summer months in full swing it works great. The Tarte BB Cream is a matte primer and while I don’t usually go for matte foundations I thought it would be a nice one to try during the summer when it’s hot and humid out.

One of the other things I liked about this BB Cream is that despite it being and feeling so lightweight, it actually has a decent amount of coverage. You will see in the video the coverage it has on me. It’s definitely not full coverage but for a BB Cream/Primer, it did pretty well!

Watch the video below to see the products I’ve been using lately to achieve an easy, lightweight summer makeup look. I’ve also listed the other products mentioned in the video below as well.

Products Used/Mentioned

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