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Sephora Sale Haul

As you may remember, the Sephora VIB sale was a couple weeks ago. I ended up getting mostly re-purchases of my favorite products but I did pick up a few new-to-me items as well. During every sale, I always start off by stocking up on the items I know I use often and will run out of soon. I then add in a few items that I have been really wanting to try out or that may be at a higher price point.

This year, there weren’t too many new items that I added to my cart. There just hasn’t been anything that I’ve been eye lately… Also, I didn’t want to buy, let’s say, a bronzer or highlighter just because it’s a new product when I already own a couple of highlighters and bronzers.  I’m trying to really get the most use out of the products I own before going out and purchasing new ones.

Here are some of the new items I picked up:

Sephora sale haul

  1. Sephora Rouge Lip Tint: OK, so I had not planned on buying any lip sticks since I have plenty of lip products to choose from right now. However… I am currently out of lip tints. I personally like lip tints because the color is long lasting but not as drying as a regular liquid lip. You can top it with a gloss for a little added moisture if you need to.
  2. Fresh Beauty Rose Facial Toner: I know I’ve mentioned many times how I want to stay consistent when it comes to using facial toners. I had been reading about the benefits of rose water on the face, so when I saw this one by Fresh I had to try it out. A few benefits of rose water: helps reduce puffiness, hydrates the skin, prevent wrinkles, and tighten pores.
  3. Benefit Gimme Brow: I was out of my brow gel, the L’oreal Brown Stylist, so I decided to pick this one up by Benefit to try. It’s a good product, I’ve been using it since I got it. To be honest though, It doesn’t do anything different than the L’oreal one. I’d rather save the extra $14 and get twice the product for less with the L’oreal one.
  4. Glo Whitening Treatment: I picked this up while waiting in line. You know, where they have all the small items to throw in your basket last minute. I have not tried it yet but the way it works is, you just brush the product on your teeth and let it do it’s job. There are no trays or lights and you don’t even have to rinse. I plan on using it this week so I may update you on how it works out.


  1. Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Daily Peel: This has become a must have in my skin routine. I really do notice a difference in my skin since I began using it. My skin is definitely much smoother and fresher looking.
  2. It Cosmetics CC+: This is my everyday foundation so I although I may have a couple weeks left of the tube I have now, I went ahead and bought it since I know I will use it.
  3. It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream: Another product I use daily from It Cosmetics. I use this every night before bed, and most mornings.
  4. It Cosmetics SuperHero Mascara: I had recently purchased the Hello Lashes Mascara but since I like the SuperHero one as well I went ahead and picked it up during the sale.
  5. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz: This is my third one of these and while I do like the way it goes on I just don’t like that it runs out so fast. I went ahead and purchased it since I didn’t know of another one I could get that wont run out as fast. I am thinking about trying the Brow Power Super Skinny.

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