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Manhattan Cocktail Recipe

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe
Whiskey isn’t for everyone that’s for sure… but my husband happens to be a big fan of Scotch and Whiskey! So to switch things up a little from the regular ol’ glass of Scotch, he likes to make a Manhattan Cocktail. I like to call it a Gentlemen’s drink! The Manhattan Cocktail has a long history which originated back in the early 1860’s in New York and quickly caught popularity. The original recipe included American whiskey, but once prohibition came along in the 20’s it was made using Canadian whiskey since that is what was most available at the time.

If you are planning a holiday get together at your home, why not mix up some Manhattan’s  for the men, while the women enjoy their Champagne, or Christmas cocktails. Note: Ladies, if you are up for some whiskey – give this cocktail a shot! 

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe: 

3/4 Sweet Vermouth

2 1/2 Bourbon Whiskey

1 dash Angostura Bitters

1 Marachino Cherry

Pour ingredients into a shaker with ice. Stir using a bar spoon. Place cherry inside glass, and pour the whiskey mixture. 

When we make it, we leave out the bitters. You can also use an orange peel to rim the glass with it to release its oils. 

Manhattan Cocktail Recipe, makers mark cherriesManhattan Cocktail Recipe 


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