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Lovely in Lace

Lace can be romantic, lady like, and fun! Just look at  Brooklyn Decker in her Nha Kahn lace dress with fun yellow pumps, or this bright orange skirt with lace insert. I also really love this ASOS metallic lace skirt, the metallic gives it a little bit of a rocker vibe.

1. Nha Kahn Lace Dress  2. Be&D Clutch  3. D&G Lace Blouse  4. Valentino Lace D’Orsay

5. Metallic Lace Skirt  6. Lace Insert Pleated Skirt  7. Kerin Rose Sioux Lace Glasses

8. Ann Taylor Lace Dress  9. D&G Lace Blazer  10. Dolce Vita Beam Pump 11. Star and Lace Corset 


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