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travel must havesWhen I travel and go on vacation, there are just some things that I always end up packing… no matter where I am headed! Tomorrow, I am heading out to Austin (follow me on Instagram and Snapchat: lynnyhq, to see what I am up to in Austin!) and once again I found myself packing up my usual travel must haves. 

One: I have been making sure to pack not just my daily moisturizer, but my face cleanser as well! Those hotel soaps are usually pretty drying and can mess with your skin even after a few days of using them and I want to make sure I keep my skin in check. 

Two: Cardigans are convenient to have when the weather goes from warm days to cool nights. It may not be cool enough for a sweater during the day here in Texas but in the evening it has been starting to get a little chilly. So instead of doing a complete wardrobe change, I just throw on a cardigan. It also comes in handy when restaurants, or other indoor spots, have their AC and fans going!

Three: Ok, it’s no secret leggings are super comfortable but (faux) leather leggings can give you a little more of a dressed up feel, while still being incredibly comfortable. Not to mention they go with flats, boots, sneakers, and pumps, making them a pretty versatile piece to have in your suitcase. I recently purchased these from Loft, but Express also has a huge selection of leggings, and faux leather leggings, worth checking out. 

Four: My Canon 7d camera always comes with me on trips even though I do use my phone to take pictures as well. A cell phone camera just can’t beat the DSLR quality and it’s nice to have these higher quality pictures from my travels to use for print, or to even make photo books with. 

Five: Having a serving of Amazing Grass Green Super Food is part of my daily routine (I love the tangerine immunity blend). When I travel I like to take the individual packets with me to make sure I don’t miss out on taking my super greens and keep my body’s immune system strong. 

Six: Sunglasses are pretty much a given when you talk about travel must haves, especially if you go somewhere where you will spend most of your time outdoors sightseeing. I’ve been loving these aviators with a purple lens lately!

Seven: I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, a setting spray is a must! It really does help your makeup last all day, which means I am not going to be worried that I need to reapply my makeup throughout the day because it’s fading.

Eight: I am not one for big heavy purses, so when I travel I like to bring a cross body with me that is big enough for my phone, lip gloss, card holder, and a few other things, and leaves my hands free to take pictures or whatever else I’d like. Here are very similar styles to my mini, studded, Saint Laurent drawsting crossbody – here and here

Nine: A comfy pair of shoes is probably one of the more important travel must haves. I don’t want to have to stop what I am doing to find a mall, and then look for a pair of shoes. Although I do pack other shoes like flats, or pumps if needed, slip on sneakers are my go-to since they have nice cushion and support. 

Ten: It may seem silly, but a small mono pole (with a blue tooth connection) for your camera or gopro comes in pretty handy. It is usually me and my husband traveling together and we want to make sure we get some pictures together while capturing the scenery behind us. Of course, a selfie stick works just as well. 




  1. Lynnette
    November 2, 2015 / 12:27 PM

    Hi Chelsea,

    I use Adobe Photoshop!

  2. November 2, 2015 / 12:12 PM

    hi Lynn,

    Love this post! I was wondering what tool/site you use to create your collages?


    Chelsea H.

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