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Strawberry Champagne Spritzer

Strawberry Champagne Spritzer Recipe

We usually have our go-to drinks around here when we get together. You’ve got beer, wine, and champagne… all easy to serve with just one pour.

A few weeks ago I wanted something a little different than just the basic champagne drink, so I quickly whipped up this crisp and refreshing strawberry champagne spritzer. I got the idea from the “mocktail” i’ve been drinking this summer. Muddled strawberries, sparkling water, and lime.

In a shaker, or glass, I muddle enough strawberries to last for a few servings. This way you don’t have to muddle for each individual drink, making it much easier and quicker to serve. For the cocktail version of this drink, I used a natural lemonade instead of fresh squeezed lime. I felt the lemonade went a little better with champagne than lime. For the finishing touch, I sliced up some strawberries and dunked them inside the glass, and garnished the glass with a full strawberry.

It really is a simple drink that you and an of your guest this summer will enjoy. It’s also a nice and cold cocktail that can be enjoyed outdoors! Check out the full recipe below.

Strawberry Champagne Spritzer

  • champagne/sparkling wine
  • stawberries
  • lemonade

Muddle strawberries, number of strawberries depends on how many drinks you are going to make. Usually around 2-3 per serving. Add one oz of lemonade to glass and then pour sparkling wine. Add one tablespoon of strawberry mixture to your drink and enjoy!


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