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For today’s video, I am doing something new and showing you my cleaning routine when it comes to my bathroom, kitchen, and living room. In this Clean With Me Video, I’ll share some of the products I use to clean my home as well as how I go about cleaning.

I started off with my master bathroom, which was what needed the most cleaning that day. I had my makeup and hair products scattered all over the counter top! There are two sinks and countertops in my bathroom but I only use one of the actual sinks. I use the larger one for getting ready and have my skincare products on there and some makeup in the drawer. I also use that side to do my hair. The other sink is used for brushing our teeth, washing our hands and all that other stuff.

I then moved on to the kitchen, which was pretty quick to clean. Here I washed a few dishes that I used to make my breakfast that morning and then put any items away that where out on the island that shouldn’t be. I like to make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink before I go to bed at night. That way, in the morning I don’t have to worry about having to clean more than I should.

The rest of the time was spent pretty much dusting and vacuuming. I also went over my floors with a wood floor cleaner. However, I don’t do this step every time I clean my floors. Usually it’s about once a week (like on Friday’s) that I clean the floors with the cleaner.

I mention in the video about the limited edition Mrs. Meyers hand soap in the Peony scent. I’ve yet to find it again in any stores but it is available online! I found the entire collection on Amazon, if you want more than the hand soap.

I hope you guys enjoy this Clean With Me video ! If you did be sure to head over to my YouTube and give the video a thumbs up and also don’t forget to subscribe.


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