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My Favorite Summer Breakfast



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When it’s hot out, one thing I love is to have a nice cold breakfast… Especially since in the morning I take my dog out and go on a short walk with him. When I get back home,  I like to have something that’s not only healthy, but will also cool me down from the heat. 

One of my go-to breakfast items for summer is a berry smoothie. About two months ago I invested in a Vitamix Blender and making smoothies is so much easier than before! I got the one with the “to go personal blender”, and to be honest, I haven’t even used the larger 40oz container. The 20oz container is perfect for making my single serving smoothies and is so much quicker to clean than a big ‘ol blender container. 

I like to stick with berries for my smoothies since berries are lower in sugar than other fruit. I always use Blueberries; they are high in antioxidants, they’re good for your heart and brain, and they are low in calories. Another fruit I always use are strawberries, and when possible I through in some raspberries or blackberries. To give my smoothie an even bigger punch of healthiness, I add a scoop of Amazing Grass Green Superfood (one scoop is full of green super foods and lots of vitamins and minerals). 

A new favorite breakfast are acai bowls. It’s like a thick smoothie (I’m still working on getting the consistency of it right) in a bowl and you can top it with pretty much whatever you’d like… Think granola, fruit, nuts. I use an acai fruit pack that I get at Whole Foods, and just use the recipe on the package. 

Acai Bowl, summer breakfast, acai bowl toppings, sambazon acai fruit pack

Acai Bowl, summer breakfast, acai bowl toppings, sambazon acai fruit pack


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