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Aspiring YouTuber Gift Guide

YouTuber Gift Guide

Know someone that has been wanting to start a youtube channel? Then I’ve got some great gift ideas for you! I hear it all the time, people wanting to start but they don’t exactly think they have the tools to start. You can easily start a youtube channel with taking video on your smartphone. But, it’s nice to have the tools that will help take your video to the next level.

These are all items I use when filming my videos. Except I use the DJI Phantom 4 drone and not the Mavic. I would still recommend the Mavic as it is smaller and set up is so much quicker! I may eventually get it actually.

For indoor filming such as tutorials or vlogs:

  • Lighting- A ring light is probably the first thing you want to purchase when starting a Youtube channel. I have the Diva Ring light but there are many options out there as far as brands and pricing go. I also use 2 soft lights on each side of the ring light for added light since I don’t have any natural light in my filming room.
  • Cameras- Like I said, the cameras in phones are so good now that you can easily film with that. But, if you want a bit more of a professional feel to your videos then I recommend Sony cameras. I use the Sony A7rII for my tutorials and sit down videos. There is now a newer version but I still really like this one. There is now a new Sony camera out that many are raving about and it’s the Sony A7III. For vlog type videos, I use the Sony RX100. This is a smaller, light weight camera that is very easy to use.
  • Audio- For better quality audio than what comes from the camera you are going to want a microphone and a recorder. This Video Micro is nice because it is small and can attach to most cameras and there is no need for a recorder. It’s under $50 which is great deal for the performance. I use the Rode microphone and the Zoom Recorder for my videos.

Some of these items are more on the high end of the shopping spectrum, but well worth it if your loved one (or even you). Especially if they are really passionate about starting a channel. There are so many items that can be used to film videos but this is a great start.

If you know a Youtuber that likes to Vlog or make cinematic style videos, then a gimble is good gift. I have the Zhiyun Crane M for my Sony RX100, but there are some available for smartphones as well that are under $100.

I hope you found this gift guide helpful! As always, if you have any questions just leave them down in the comments or contact me over on Instagram, @bylynny.

YouTuber Gift Guide

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