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Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix

Remember my post about what I was wearing to the Canadian Grand Prix? Well, I’m back with a little video from that day!

It was our first time visiting Circuit Gilles Villeneuve which is set on an island in Montreal. We got lucky with the weather as it can sometimes be cloudy and rainy in the area around this time of year. It was a beautiful day, making it very pleasant walking around the track.

Besides the great weather, the atmosphere at the circuit was really great! There were plenty of activities set up all around the area as well as shops and food vendors. This was nice since you never really had to walk too far if you needed to buy something. And, the music coming from certain shops and bars, like the Heineken Lounge, made things a bit more fun.

Like I predicted, there was plenty of walking involved. However it wasn’t so bad as there was always something to see, not to mention the people watching. After the race, we made sure to take our time and let some of the crowds make their way out. We stopped and had some Beignets from Mr. Puffs, took a picture at a helmet shaped booth, stopped by one of the gift shops, and checked out a Ferrari racing car. By the time we made it out to the taxi line, we only had to wait about 30-45 min. I don’t think that was too bad considering the amount of people at the track!

All in all we had a great time and I would definitely go back to this track. Although, I would probably sit at the main grandstand at the starting line next time around! Our seat location was nice, but I love being able to see all the action before the race gets started, as well as the start of the race.

Watch the video below to see a peek at what our day was like at the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix! Next week, I’ll be sharing our video from the rest of out time spent in Montreal!

Filmed with:

Sony rx100v

DJI Phantom 4 Drone


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