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Shower Skin Care Routine

shower skin care routineSince last month I shared with you my skin care routine, I thought it was about time that I share my shower skin care routine and talk about my favorite products to use.

  • Fresh Beauty Soy Face Wash – I use this to wash my face and to make sure all my makeup is removed. It’s very gentle on the skin and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry afterwards. Even thought it’s gentle it easily removes all my makeup, including mascara! I actually keep the smaller tube by my sink and the larger one in the shower.
  • Clinique Purifying Cleansing Brush – I use this brush along with the face wash to make sure my skin completely clean. The brush is gentle enough that I can use it everyday. I like that it has two different bristle types so that my t-zone and nose area get a deeper cleanse.
  • Rose Face Mask – This is one of my favorites masks to use. It’s a very gentle masks but it leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. Since it is such a gentle mask, I use about three times a week and have no problem using others along with it.
  • Black Tea Perfecting Mask – I use this mask 1-2 times a week, although you can use it more than that if you’d like. This is a hydrating mask but also has a light firming action to it. The one think I don’t love about this one is that it has a cooling effect on the skin. Some may enjoy the cooling and tingling effect but I’m not much of a fan of it.
  • Sugar Face Polish – This is one of the two exfoliators I use. It smells great, is gentle, and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Lush Rub Rub Rub Scrub – I use this not only on my body but as a face scrub as well. I first used this on my face when I ran out of my Sugar Face Polish and seriously loved it. It is a but rougher than the sugar polish so I don’t recommend using it every day. After using this I find that my skin has a nice glow to it and feels extra clean. The lemon in the scrub also leaves my skin looking brighter. If I had to choose one face scrub it would definitely be this one, especially for the price!

What are some of you favorite skin products you use in the shower? Also, let me know if you have any favorite products from Lush. I would love to try out some more from them. If you wan’t to see some of the other face mask I use regularly, then head over to my skin care routine post!


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