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Two Steps for Smooth Lips

Two Steps to Soft LipsThese cold, and dry, winter temps can leave your lips feeling pretty dry and rough. I know mine tend to get dry pretty easily and even start to peel, which is not only not cute, but can hurt too. To keep that from happening however, I make sure to follow this two step process at least 2-3 times a week to make sure my lips are feeling soft and looking smooth and hydrated.

Two Steps for Smooth Lips :

Step One: Exfoliate! Just like you exfoliate your face to remove the dead and dry skin cells, you should do the same for your lips. I use this sparkling pink grapefruit lip scrub by Sara Happ, but you can also make it home yourself using regular sugar, or brown sugar, and olive oil or coconut oil. I just dip my dry finger into the scrub and scoop out a little, then apply it onto my lips and scrub for a few seconds before washing off. I think this step is a must and you will definitely notice a difference than when you just apply a lip balm over your lips. 

Step Two: Moisturize! Now that your lips have been prepped, it’s time to infuse some moisture into them. I’ve tried a number of different lip balms, but the one that has made the biggest difference to my lips has been this Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty. It is not your average lip balm or chap stick, this is considered a lip mask meant to be applied overnight and is much thicker in consistency. note:I prefer the original formula as opposed to their latest two which include a sheer color and shimmer to them. I just didn’t find those as moisturizing as the original.

What are you go-to lip moisturizing products? 






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